Breathe with Intention

Growing through obstacles, making a conscious effort to be present in every experience and breathing intention into everything you do


What is it to breathe with intention? Being intentional in every thought, word, and action you express.

To be honest, this is only a part of what it means to breathe with intention. I certainly thought I understood the concept well, but as I’ll share with you here, my understanding has truly evolved, and so have I as a spiritual being. With that said, I’d like to welcome you into my personal space and encourage you to delve deeper into your personal journey and consciously breathe with intention throughout all aspects of your life. With my experience abroad, I have begun mentoring others through their own emotional journey’s; you can check out more of that on my soul essential travel mentorship page.

Nothing becomes easier in life; what does is our ability to learn how to adapt better to the obstacles that are placed in front of us. There’s no magic formula or way to simply snap our fingers and have everything manifest in an instant, but with persistence and clear intentions for what you hope to achieve, you’ll reach all of our goals without letting failure stop you in your tracks.

I use to think that every breath I took was full of intention but it wasn’t until I traveled to the Balkans for the first time, in 2015, that I began to fully become conscious of the breath, by way of the action, the inhale and exhale, the moment when you completely embrace. It was in this moment in Montenegro, where I truly started to take a 100% active part of my life. It was the moment I finally began waking every living cell inside of me. 

Balkan Mountains

For anyone not familiar with my time abroad, I’ll do my best to take you through my journey, how I left my country, thinking I was open, adventurous and all the other things you tell yourself you are as you get on the plane and embark on your first living abroad experience. I have become all the things I use to think I was but only dreamt of and there’s still much more to learn and become. It’s only now that when I look back I can see how much of a prude I was, partially judgemental of certain peoples’ way of life and untrusting of many of those around for no other reason then it seemed like how I needed to be to protect myself.

I am sharing my story and journey because I genuinely believe that experiences whether they are filled with joy, sorrow, heartbreak, or a combination, are all more enjoyable, tolerable, bearable, and exciting when shared.

What I aim to do here is open the door on my experiences and inspire by allowing a very personal insight to my life while trying to sprinkle in some helpful travel hacks and methods on how to best maximize your travel moments by breathing with intention through each and every experience you have. The secret is out, taking every moment in life and breathing through it with intention, making a promise to yourself to take an active part in your journey; this is how I have been able to find true happiness, and I hope you will find the same. I now provide emotional support to other travelers through my soul essential travel mentorship.


I won’t force you to read all of the entries here in full, I actually encourage the expression of enthusiasm so much that whenever you feel inspired to get up and experience, you do it. If you feel like writing about your adventures and sending them into me even better; let’s start the flow of inspiration. I encourage you to find your own journey rather than follow mine or anyone else’s, I guarantee it will be much more fulfilling. Take all the inspiration you need from here and use it to begin creating your own unique story.

With that said, I invite you all on a journey with me; there will be a few somber moments, many that will have you questioning my sanity and several that will leave you wanting to stop reading, jump up and act upon your dreams.

Feel the blog, enjoy it, and I hope it brings out the best in you.

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