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Are you a Solo Female Traveler setting out on a new adventure? Have you come across some fears, limiting beliefs, or unfamiliar emotions within yourself that you would like to make sense of to ensure your travel experience runs smoothly?

If you’re saying, heck ya that’s me, head on over to my Soul Essential Mentorship page where we’ll dive into the type of emotional support and guidance I offer solo female travelers.

Still not sure? Continue reading along 🙂

Ladies, I´ve been there almost all the emotional ups and downs you can imagine, throughout my 6 years of traveling and living abroad. I want to help you maximize on your travel experiences so you can breathe intention and meaning into every moment without letting your on trip struggles hold you up. Whether it be money woes, friendships, relationships, missing home, losing steam or even helping with how to navigate emotional travel joys (yes, these come with their own string of emotions as well).

Why? Well, the simple answer is because I love to see solo travelers fully embracing their experiences and then sharing their light, energy, and good vibes with others. Secondly, I am passionate about connecting with other soulful solo travelers and want to share my experiences with them so they too can fully open up to abundance and experience the gifts travel provides.

The global travel community is a part of my life and I want to welcome you into it with open and loving arms.

My Work With Solo Travelers

There are two main aspects of travel…

1. The physical which is made up of the actions you will go through in the planning stages of your travel and while on the trip itself.

2. The emotional,  being what you’ll feel during the full experience.

We focus a great amount of attention on what we’ll see and do and rarely think about the emotions that may accompany those actions. Since we never put too much focus on the emotional experience of travel, when we begin to feel emotions we aren’t familiar with, we are often left confused and unsure of how to properly process everything that is hitting us.  If we’re unable to work through these on trip emotional struggles in a healthy way, processing what has come up and being able to flow naturally through them, it may result in a feeling of those struggles acting as a debilitating force against us, one that threatens to plague the rest of our trip with emotional knots.

An emotional struggle may present itself in many ways. There’s a variety of emotional struggles one may experience while abroad. Sometimes it´s our own internal struggles that are keeping us from fully breathing intentionally into our experiences and other times it´s those around us which threaten to pull us from our center.

Have you ever experienced one or more of the following emotional struggles?

– You´re a few weeks into your trip and you´re starting to notice, the excitement you originally left with is fading day by day? Is loneliness beginning to set in? Do you find yourself embracing it or running from it?

– Is your money starting to run out and you´re feeling as if you need to pack up early and head home?

Or on the flip side…

–   You´re having the time of your life, fully being mindful in the moment and embracing the experience but are finding that when you´re sharing details of your on trip joys with your friends and family, they aren´t as receptive as you would have hoped. They love to hear you´re enjoying your time abroad but when you start to describe the small joys that are lighting you up, their eyes glaze over.

– You´ve formed genuine and meaningful connections on your travels and are having a difficulty continuing on to the next destination. Maybe you´re struggling with how to know how much time to invest in perfect strangers when in a few days time you´ll be packing up and moving onto your next city.

– The more you branch from your comfort zone the more you get excited about exploring however you still feel like there´s something holding you back to fully letting go.

These are all on trip emotional struggles and there’s plenty that could come up but there are also many that may arise before and after your trip. 

Here’s Where I Come in…

I offer mentorship for the solo female traveler to help navigate through the emotional ups and downs of travel, helping you work through your on trip emotional struggles, so they don’t compound into an emotional knot and plague your ability to fully experience all the glorious and abundant gifts available to you during the travel experience.

I´ve experienced many emotional struggles along my journey over my years of traveling and living abroad and have learned how to fully embrace every struggle, looking at them with appreciation and gratitude. I´m not going to help you prevent the struggles, I actually think they´re essential for growth. What I will offer you is my full and present support and mentorship throughout your journey, by working with you and teaching you my techniques that have helped nurture my journey over the last 6 years.

Learning how to deal with on trip emotional struggles isn’t always easy; I definitely wish I had the support of a mentor as I was going through many of my lows. The experience of learning how to flow through the spectrum of emotions while traveling solo was definitely one that was filled with many tears, hardships, laughter, confusion and probably every other feeling that you could imagine and more. One of my primary aims is to assist you in nurturing your experience by mentoring you on how to nurture yourself first in your journey, including how to flow within those on trip struggles so they propel you forward rather than slow you down.

How Can I Help?

  • Offer you the support and guidance to work through your on trip emotional struggles by providing strategies that you can apply now
  • Act as your mentor, being there every step of the way to help you learn how to process unfamiliar emotions that may arise before, during or after your trip
  • Teach you techniques for maximizing on your travel experiences by breathing intention into them and learning how to be more present in every moment
  • Helping you learn how to shift your mindset so that when faced with emotional travel struggles you’ll be able to view them with gratitude, thus allowing you to use the energy from them in a healthy way to help enrich your overall experience

Yes, I am here to help you with all of the above but as your mentor, I am by your side during your travel experience for whatever comes up along the way. I’ve been there, several times, and I know the reality of the travel struggles. Whatever it is you need, I’ll be with you to offer support and guidance throughout the emotional experience of your travels.

As your soulful travel mentor, I’m here for as little or as much as you need.  My support is completely dependent on your needs. I will not take over your trip or tell you how to experience it but what I will do is help guide you back when you find yourself going off course due to those on trip emotional struggles.

To find out more information about what I provide, visit my page on how I can help mentor and support you before, during and even after your trip.

If you’d like to book a free 15 min consult so we can get to know each other more, shoot me an email or connect with me on Instagram at  @soul_essential_travel

Have A Fabulous Day!