Full Moon Manifesting

Alright, so let’s be honest, it sounds super woo woo but over the past few months, all these holistic, spiritual, internal healing practices or whatever you want to call them have become something I’ve been opening myself up to more freely. Experimenting with different forms of manifesting have provided me with an opportunity to observe the effects of each practice and as a result, allowed me a deeper insight into understanding what works for me. I began to notice that what seemed to be working for me months ago wasn’t working for me now, and rather than try to force a practice that no longer felt natural, I decided to do something we often forget to do and that is to listen to our bodies. Learning how to do this isn’t always easy, but I can assure you, it’s the best for you. If something feels like it’s no longer serving you, It’s completely okay and very natural to tweak or change your practice. Always do what feels right. One of the most important lessons I’ve learned is that…

Your body will tell you what it needs, just listen to it

While listening to my body more, I began to notice how my needs shifted and with it, so did my manifesting practice. I started letting go of past practices and adopting new ones; the most recent has been that of moon manifesting. For anyone who isn’t familiar with moon manifesting or how it works, I’ll get into it a bit here and share with you what has lead me to decide to start utilizing the moon phases to amplify my manifesting practice. 

There is more than one way to do something, and it’s very possible that what works wonders for me, won’t be as effective for another. There’s not one secret formula every person can follow in their journey of self-development; why would there be, we’re all so uniquely different.

Also, just because a specific practice serves you now, doesn’t necessarily mean it will work in the future. I will reiterate what I said at the beginning, it is perfectly okay to switch your practice if it’s no longer serving you and move on to a practice that is. When I first heard about moon manifesting on The Luscious Hustle Podcast, the idea of using the moon to manifest intrigued me; my immediate thought was that, moon manifesting would be a practice that would fit perfectly with my life. It just so happened that at the moment moon manifesting presented itself to me, I was also in the time which I realized that my previous practice was no longer serving me as it previously had.

We are constantly changing and so are our needs. I use to start my days by journaling, ‘ Dear Universe….’ and would write intentions for my day, including how I would feel during the day as if the day was already finished. For example, ‘Dear Universe, today I am feeling energetic, alive, and incredibly motivated to accomplish all the projects in my day. I will not only complete everything I’ve set out to, but I will push further and get even more done’ If I woke up feeling a bit tired I didn’t write this, instead I wrote how I wanted to feel. As I was using this journaling practice, I began to notice my tone shifting from ‘I want to feel…’ to ‘I am feeling….’ Over time, I saw an incredible heightening of my energy and observed a change in my outlook on each new day ahead. This writing practice served me for a while until I very naturally stopped. After some time pausing from my morning journaling routine, I noticed a slump in my productivity but I hadn’t experienced a call back to it either. I would still write out my nightly Gratitude but my morning journaling didn’t feel natural anymore, the thought of writing felt forced. It was at this time, I  began hearing more about Moon Manifesting.


For anyone who doesn’t know what Moon Manifesting is, in simplistic terms, it’s the practice of using the moon cycles to assist in manifesting your deepest desires. Each moon cycle comes with its own amount of energy and force behind it. I’m sure you’ve all heard someone say, ‘So and So is off their rocker today’ or ‘There’s weird energy in the streets today’ oh must be a full moon. We’ve all heard or said this, most have believed in it but never knew why. I’ve definitely been one of those people. Lately, I have gained a greater curiosity with how using the moon cycles could be a helpful tool to incorporate into my manifesting practice. I’ve also become more aware of the fact energy is some really strong shit. I don’t know why I didn’t click into this fully until the past year.

I’m starting to trust more in the energy of the world and the energy around and within me. Yesterday I woke up feeling really crummy, tired, stressed over my situation and just plain meh. It just so happened to be a full moon the night previous which is said to be the time when you’re able to fully release what no longer is serving you before beginning setting your new intentions. Now I see that the crummy feeling I may have been experiencing was possibly my body releasing what was bottled up inside. From now until the new moon I will be releasing more and continuing to follow through with the intentions I’ve set.

When the new moon comes around, the light from it is said to shine back inwards onto you, generating a great amount of energy and power to manifest to the max. As the hosts from the Luscious Hustle Podcast say, this is the time to manifest those Beyoncé level desires. The new moon is an energetic power that has the force to help you manifest anything that you present to the universe. The moon cycles are fascinating to me and something I want to explore more. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for a post specific to New Moon Manifesting and others on some Moon Manifesting Tips!

Central American BeachLife is continuously changing, especially as an expat. It seems as if every few days, a curveball is being thrown in my path and although I’m not complaining about it, as it’s definitely an opportunity for growth, these moments do shift my groove, and I find myself going off course sometimes. Moon manifesting seems like a very natural practice that would help me manifest and release in a way that is more suited to my way of life. Manifesting with the full moon allows the individual an opportunity to recharge and recalibrate one’s energy. During this time of the moon cycle, we are given another opportunity to channel the immense energy within and around us.

Just as we breathe in new oxygen and life, in the next moment, we exhale and release the carbon monoxide that isn’t needed. Then we breathe in again, and the cycle continues. Thinking about manifesting in this way too, it makes senses why manifesting with the moon cycles would not only be effective but would feel good with the way the energy flows within our body. Everything has an ebb and flow, therefore, a practice that utilizes a cycle will most likely feel the most natural.

Learning how to work with the cycles in our lives rather than

battle against them is something that is a real game changer

to your self-development journey

Now it’s time to hear from you…Do you use the moon to manifest? How does it help you in your practice? Shoot a comment down below or connect with me on IG @ soul_essential_travel. Would love to hear from you!

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