My passion is for exploring

I cannot be confined to walls or boundaries

I have a thirst for the opportunity to be creative and to seek out creative opportunities

This life, my life, is something that truly matters; I will live it with 100% intention


Let me introduce you to my expat life, or rather the life that saw me as no more than a traveler and over time developed into a life full of exploration, cultural discovery, and what has been one full of countless challenges and roadblocks, none of which have seemed to slow me down for very long.

When I left Canada almost 6 years ago, the thought of writing about my experiences, at the beginning of this whole journey, seemed more like a chore and was of little interest to me. As I began to travel extensively and record my adventures, at the request of friends and family, I truly fell in love with writing as it became almost a form of meditation and therapy for me; a way I could express my thoughts and keep them from bottling up inside, which at times was quite imminent during extended periods in solitude.

I write for myself, which often results in my words taking on a very reflective and ultra-personal tone, something that is quite fitting to my nature. Writing brings out a certain joy in remembrance and reflection of my experiences and in many ways helps me understand better my own journey. The beauty in it all is, that more often then not, the person my words really touches are me. When I read back the same entry I’ve written years ago and found comfort in my words I know that when it comes down to it, everything I need to help myself is all within me, I just need to be open and available for letting it shine through.

I began recording my entries on a site called Travelpod, which has now recently shut its doors; it was a platform for users that typically didn’t have any web design or blogging experience; a simple platform that was easy to use for beginners.

To give you a small taste I’ve launched my site with a few of my previous entries which were favorites of mine over the last 4 years while writing on Travelpod. What I aim to do here is not rehash old experiences but build on what I had started then and by including a few of these past entries I hope it gives my readers an introduction and overview of my writing style as well as an insight into the person I use to be and who I’ve become.


Vulnerability Warning…I will say, I held off on making my site public, despite having bought my URL almost a year prior to launching. Like many others, I had wanted to have everything perfectly complete before releasing however, I’ve recently thrown the notion of being 100% perfect into the bin. Someone once told me, the best way to get going was just to start and not worry about everything looking and sounding perfect. So, what does it all mean? I’ve decided to dive right in and take a massive dose of messy action by launching my site as is. In the end, what’s really important is sharing my experiences with others, so with that said, here you have it. Although there isn’t much up at the moment, have patience with me as I continue to take action to share my journey with you.

I hope you’ll enjoy what is to come!

Feel free to comment or send me a message if you want to know more about any of the places I have visited OR if you’d like to see me exploring somewhere, in particular, I’m always up for a spontaneous adventure!