Full Moon Manifesting

Alright, so let’s be honest, it sounds super woo woo but over the past few months, all these holistic, spiritual, internal healing practices or whatever you want to call them have become something I’ve been opening myself up to more freely. Experimenting with different forms of manifesting have provided me with an opportunity to observe … More Full Moon Manifesting

The Art Of Minimalism

As promised, following this past Monday’s post, ‘Lighten Your Load & Pack Less!’ I’d like to dive in deeper to the conversation around how the practice of minimizing the amount of possessions you have can help clear space within yourself; at the same time understanding that in order to master the art of minimalism you first need to clear … More The Art Of Minimalism

Analyzing Our Paths

Barcelona, Spain January 19th, 2016 Here’s a little look back on my first adventure to the Balkans roughy 2 years ago. At the time the entry was written I was exploring the topics of happiness and asking  myself question such as, why it is so easy for many people to simply replace everything in their … More Analyzing Our Paths