A Tear

A tear shed for hopelessness, of leaving the one you love,
without the chance of a goodbye
A tear shed for frustration, of losing the very thing you can’t live without,
but don’t know why

A tear shed for sadness of the love given but not recognised
A tear shed for that of a fool, who did nothing more than let her heart decide
A tear shed for regret, for the things which cannot be changed
A tear shed for memory of what you cherish but others don’t see the same

A tear not ready to drop,
For it does not deserve to fall
The hope the one you cry for can take that tear and make it dissolve
The hope for the one who holds you in his arms
Uttering, I will not let you go even if I try

A hope, or wishful thinking
I will not truly know
Until the moment comes one day
Where the tear will let the truth be known
The rest is all a mystery
One I cannot control
I must wait and clench my heart and soul
And have faith in what I know
For this is all I can do
The tear is all I know

Galway, Ireland 

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