The Art Of Being Broke: How Being Broke Doesn’t Have To Ruin Your Trip

Broke, As in duuuuu no money. Being broke is definitely an art as far as I see it. Let’s take it one step further and introduce being broke in a foreign country, well I can check that one off my list as well. Having no money, thank goodness for me is only always a temporary occurrence, it’s merely a gap in pay due to hopping from one job onto the next, or travelling for spans of time on funds from the job I’ve just left.

The Art of Being Broke …

Commands the ‘brokie’ we’ll call it to live for a period of time without luxury, or wait…..does it?

After two weeks in Greece and having spent half of my three month budget I find myself in the status of broke…yet again. As you’ve probably guessed this usually happens to me after my last pay check before heading off on another crazy few month exploration, near the end of my trips and for at least the first month or two until I land that next job.

It is a very cliche phrase but it’s true that the best things in life are free. I’ve been on a budget of 17 Euros for the period of time from August 26th to September 5th or at least I hope to make it until then, it’s currently the 1st of the month, and as it stands I still sit with 11 euros in my pocket, after I leave this cafe I’ll be three less. So how have I managed to survive almost a week with 8 Euros in a farm that is 5 km from town and 10 km from the beach yet I manage to get back and forth each day, feed myself, and still have the luxury of my daily coffee? Firstly by seeking out a Workaway experience on a farm with a family who provides me both food and accommodation, the second key has been my newly learnt skill of hitchhiking 4 times a day to get back and forth from the beach. The next step is packing a deliciously vegetarian lunch to eat while relaxing in the sun, and lastly, wait, there is no lastly this time heheh

Amaliada Beach

When you’re broke you look at things a lot differently, for example, when you sit in a cafe or on the beach and order a coffee for three euros you feel you’ve overspent and subsequently are splurging. It’s funny how different situations like this provide you with new perspective.

Amaliada, Peloponnese, Greece

September 1, 2014

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