My Favorite Things

All of the following are items I either own, have used or courses I’ve taken. I’m incredibly enthusiastic about everything here and am so excited to share them with you! Keep checking back for more additions if you like what you see so far 🙂

I’ve also included some of my favorite travel sites that help me save money while on the road! For more info, send me over a message, I’d be happy to chat about lifestyle design, mindset shifts, and development tools, or my most loved addiction, travel!!!!

I hope you enjoy everything here just as much as I do 🙂


The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck: A Counterintuitive Approach to Living a Good Life

This book couldn’t have come into my life at a better time. I was on my way back from a trip in Canada, feeling a little unenthusiastic to head home to Barcelona for reasons which I couldn’t explain at the time, and this book literally starred me in the face at the airport. With every turn of the page, I was left feeling like I could relate 100% to the author. I was inspired, motivated, and was able to get out of the bit of a slump I was in. I have to admit, I am not a reader AT ALL but I couldn’t put this book down.


Luscious Hustle Academy

The Luscious Hustle Academy provided me the support and guidance to grow within my side hustle and allow me to have the confidence to start building my business. The weekly small group coaching calls were incredibly beneficial, and I felt it was exactly what I needed to help me along in my new endeavor. The course material Betsy and Laura created really did act as building blocks to guide me towards my side hustle aspirations. As a person who finds it hard investing money in just about everything, I can without a doubt say that every dollar spent was worth it and more! The Luscious Hustle Academy oozed value!

Travel – Flights > Accommodations > Activities

Azair – What I love about this site is that you can put in a continent as an origin and destination and you’ll be able to find the cheapest routes for your desired dates. I’ve flown with Norwegian Airlines from BCN – Los Angeles direct for the price of 139 Euros and I’ve just recently booked a flight from BCN direct to Boston for 98 Euros with Level, a budget airline from Iberia that just launched in the summer of 2017. Seriously F*cking Awesome Deal Finder !!!

SkyScanner – Also good for finding a cheap deal, I prefer using the app, but I find I can get better deals on here if I’m not looking for long hauls.

Secret Flying – Alright, so I first heard about this one roughly a year and a half ago when one of the girls at the hostel I was volunteering at in Belgrade came to me and said that she was heading to Japan the following week on a return flight for just around 300 Euros. Ok seriously! That’s incredible. We all wondered if it was legitimate and when she went and came back without problems, our concerns were diminished; she was the Guinea pig, and the site definitely treated her well! Secret Flying is great because it advertises a wide variety of deals from all over the world including deals for error fares, vacation packages, weekend trips, and has offered up on incredibly cheap flights long distances! The deals are too and from particular places, and they usually give you a selection of dates to choose from, but I’ve found that even altering the departing/arrival cities and/or dates don’t fluctuate the price too much, that is if the changes are similar to what they’re advertising. Lately, from European destinations, they have flights down to South or Central America for as little as 250 Euros return. Forgot to mention for all you cruisers, they also have plenty of cruise options available for you.

Couchsurfing – So here’s a little back story on this one. I remember reading a Rick Steves travel book before I headed off to Europe in 2012 and I briefly remember seeing a mention of Couchsurfing alongside information about hostel and Airbnb accommodations. I remember thinking to myself, you’ve got to be kidding me, that sounds incredibly wild and something I’d never consider doing, it was out of the question. A good friend, I met for the first time in Italy, somehow was able to convince me to join and since then, I’ve not stopped. What’s so great about couch surfing is that it’s not only for hosting people in your flat and searching out people to stay with while you’re traveling, but it’s also great for simply just meeting up with other travelers in your city. I can honestly say my world has opened up so much more because of it and I am incredibly grateful to have met the beautiful individuals I have through Couchsurfing. My closest friends have been people I’ve met through couch surfing, and I can tell you, they’ll be friends for life. Couchsurfing has literally changed my life! Shoot me a message, and I’ll share with you how it’s opened up my world.  

Workaway –  I’m not quite sure where I first heard of Workaway, but wherever it was, I am so glad I was introduced to it because the experiences I’ve had with it, the people I’ve met and the incredible places I’ve been able to visit have been absolutely amazing. Workaway is basically, volunteering in exchange for a place to stay. It’s a great way to visit a new city while immersing yourself in the culture and way of life of the place you’re in. My first workaway was with a family in Cantabria and thanks to this experience, I caught the workaway bug. I continued to seek out workaways wherever I traveled to. This way of travel has led me to many unique destinations such as a remote village in Morocco, nearby the sea at a farm in Greece,  a Pio hotel close to the tip of the Peloponnese, a hostel in Crete and Barcelona (Hostel 1) and my most fond memory, at a hostel in Macedonia and then later in Belgrade (Hostel Fair & Square).  I have incredibly fond memories of my adventures. If you want to learn more about where I’ve been, and the experiences I’ve had get in contact with me, and we can have a chat about it 🙂

Hitchwiki – Ok so I must say that hitchhiking was one of those things that made me feel similar to that of couch surfing except I honestly never imagined I would ever do it. Well let me tell you that everything I told myself years ago, I’ll never do, I’ve probably done them. When you’re a newbie to hitchhiking and need a few tips, this is a great site to guide you along.  For tips on where to stand to catch the best ride this site is great! Although I’ve had many flops, the site has more often than not, helped me get to where I was going safer and faster.

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